Media Rooms Interior Design

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Entertainment Rooms

Tour homes where owners have invested in their own private Shangri-Las, from upgraded entertainment rooms to full-out theater experiences complete with popcorn machines. See bars ranging from simple corner counters to sports bars complete with multiple viewing screens and billiard tables and indoor pools.

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Great Escapes: New Designs for Home Theaters

Theo Kalomirakis - known as the "father of home theatre" - is a leading creator of custom-designed theatres and one-of-a-kind entertainment environments, acclaimed for their attention to architectural detail. using styles that range from ultra-traditional to cutting-edge contemporary, he scales each project to fit the needs of each client.

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Theo Kalomirakis' Private Theaters

In this magnificient book Theo Kalomirakis, the front figure of extravagant home theater gives you an inside view to some of the finest home theaters in the world. His talent of bringing the dreams of his clients alive in perfect home theaters is delightfully revealed through the glorious pictures and thoughtful descriptions of the individual theatres in the book.

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Home Theater Design: Media-Savvy Interiors

This book looks at the aesthetics, with a "whole interior" approach to home entertaining. The book offers information on a variety of design considerations - furnishings, comfort, setting up entertainment spaces, hosting get-togethers, accommodating guests - while factoring in style, functionality, new technology, acoustic planning, soundproofing, lighting, and environmental and personal health considerations.

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