Patios Interior Design

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Patios & Walkways

This book provides hundreds of inspiring photos for all types of patios, from terraces to courtyards, pool decking to multi level versions, walkways, and transitional areas around the home.

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Guide to Patio, Terrace, Backyard

This beautiful and practical new book is packed with creative ideas for making a successful outside courtyard space. The Complete Practical Guide to Patio, Terrace, Backyard & Courtyard Gardening: How to plan, design and plant up garden courtyards, walled spaces, patios, terraces and enclosed backyards.

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Courtyards, Patios and Decks

Courtyards and patios have been an important architectural feature for thousands of years, and through time, their popularity has not waned. Today these outdoor living spaces play both a decorative and functional role where water, walls, lighting, plants and sky all combine to convey security, calm and quiet. This beautiful volume presents residential outdoor living spaces from South America, Europe, Asia and the US.

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Deck Ideas That Work

This most complete and up-to-date book is packed with over 300 inspiring photographs along with hundreds of design solutions and top-notch advice to help inform smart decisions. Chapters focus on a wide range of deck sizes, styles, and materials, as well as furniture, accessories, and landscaping ideas. In addition, practical sidebars and case studies will help anyone plan just the right deck to suit their home, yard, and lifestyle.

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